The scrambled effect

One of my favorite breakfast dishes is from a cafe in Blacktown called Nadia’s Cafe. It’s the scrambled eggs with feta, tomato and chives dish. Add that with a side of sourdough toast and BAM instant foodgasm! Whaaaat?! Yes it happens.

The cafe has been around for as long as I can remember and it never fails to disappoint! It has that homely feel to it like when you see your family after disappearing for a month of travelling. Check it out at Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown #mahhood

This is pretty easy to make. Whisk two or three eggs together. Chop up some cherry tomatoes and feta cheese and pop it into the egg mixture. Over medium heat pour the scrambled goodness on an omlette pan for a couple of minutes then add the chopped chives before taking it off the heat. Garnish with some cracked pepper and a side of wholemeal toast.

This is guaranteed to add a bit of fancy to your Sunday morning breakfast 🙂

The weather has been fantastic in Sydney this weekend so I’m off to explore the city!

Adios mi amigos,


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